Fibreshed Scotland
Uniting producers, makers and artisans to build a regenerative textile economy in Scotland.
Fibreshed Scotland is a growing community of producers, makers, consumers, and educators who work with and promote locally produced wool, linen, leather and natural dye products.

featured image for post Conversation 4: Commitment

The commitment conversation focussed on letting go of preconceptions, and thinking more broadly about what as individuals we’d like to contribute.

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featured image for post Conversation 3: Dissent

This week we focussed on Dissent. Dissent conversations are designed to surface all the doubts and reservations we have about Fibreshed Scotland.

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featured image for post Conversation 2: Ownership

We’ve continued with our Conversations this week, focussing on ‘ownership’ - meaning "feeling a sense of responsibility for" rather than "possession".

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